The cost of transportation has become important. It is therefore sometimes less expensive to produce a print on site.
Here are the instructions to print my works with purchase:
– Contact me at contact x to discuss the price of the work.
– I send you the HD file ready to be printed.
– I will send you by mail the certificate of authenticity and a sticker with the title, the number and my signature to stick on the back of the work.
– You need to print the file and laminate it on a 1mm aluminum plate.

– It is necessary to buy 3cm aluminium profiles. This system is important in my work because it allows me to make all my works modular.

For example for a work of 100x100cm = 2 bars of 100cm and 3 bars of 94cm. Ask me the exact dimensions for your print.

– Stick permanent double-sided tape on the aluminum profile.
– Put the print on the aluminum. It is necessary to use white gloves and to do it with another person to position well the impression.